Bing & Grondahl Commemorative Plates

B&G produced its first true commemorative plate in 1895 in honor of the Women's Exhibition held in Copenhagen that year.  This was the same year that B&G issued its first Christmas plate, generally considered to be the first true "collector plate" in the world.  Additional commemorative plates were issued in the following years, although not nearly as many as were issued by Royal Copenhagen, and usually in smaller editions than their Royal Copenhagen counterparts.  To make it easier to identify the plates, I have adopted the same numbering system used by Lar Christoffersen in his 2004 book on B&G and Royal Copenhagen Christmas and Commemorative plates (for sale on my website with the other books).

I am interested in purchasing (or at least getting pictures of) any plate in this series not shown on this page.

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CM3      1895      $75       

CM5         1896       $85
Malmø Exhibition

      1896       $125
Malmø Exhibition

      1896      $200
       Unlisted Variation


CM6         1897     Sold
Stockholm  Exhibition

CM8       1897        $75
Stockholm  Exhibition

CM10        1898       $85
Holbæk Exhibition

   CM11       1898       $49
   Death of Queen Louise


CM12     1900     $600
Paris Exhibition

CM12A    1900   $125
Paris Exhibition

CM13     1899     Sold
Roskilde Cathedral

   CM17     1901     Sold
     C.M. Hess  -  Vejle


CM19    1902     Sold
Tuborg Brewery

CM20    1903     $45
Copenhagen City Hall

CM21    1904     Sold
Danish Telegraph

    CM22    1906     $45
Death of King Christian IX


CM24   1907     $85
Royal Yacht in Iceland

CM25    1907     $65
Aarhus Cathedral

CM26    1907     $65
Henrik Ibsen

    CM27    1907     $65
       Viborg Cathedral

CM28    1907     $65
Ribe Cathedral

CM29    1907     $100

CM30    1908     $45

    CM31   1908     Sold
        Niels R. Finsen


CM32    1909     $75

CM33    1909     Sold
Soro Academy

CM34    1909     Sold
 Tivoli Gardens

    CM36    1909     Sold
        Aarhus Exhibiton


CM37    1909     Sold
Politiken Publishing

CM38    1909     $125
North Pole Expedition

CM39    1910     $75
Journalist Union

    CM40    1912    $55
      King Frederik VIII


CM41    1914     Sold
Baltic Exhibition Plate

CM41A    1914    $100
Baltic Exhibition Vase

CM42    1915    $75
 Peace Plate

    CM44    1915    Sold
            Pro Patria


CM45    1916    $45
 Østifternes Credit Union

CM47    1916    Sold
 Red Cross

CM48    1917    $45
 15th Battalion

    CM49    1917    Sold
         Niels W. Gade


CM50    1918    $45
 21st Battalion

CM51    1918    $75
 Koldinghus Castle

CM52    1919    Sold
  Battle of Reval

   CM53     1919      Sold
   South Jylland Restored


CM53A   1919    $350
South Jylland Restored

CM54   1920    $85
Chr. X 's 50th Birthday

CM55    1921    $45
  Greenland Fjord

    CM56    1922    $45
       Danish Theater


CM58    1923    Sold
Chr. X 25th Wedding

CM59    1923    Sold
Chr. X 25th Wedding

CM60    1923    Sold
Chr. X 25th Wedding

    CM61   1924    Sold
      Greenland Hunter


CM62    1925     Sold
Jutland Bakers Union

CM63    1925     $100
Nielsen & Lydiche

CM65    1926     $100
1st Tokyo Flight

    CM66   1930     $45
   Hans Chr. Andersen


CM67    1930     $195
Iceland Althing 1000 Yrs

CM68    1933     Sold
 Virgin Islands

CM69    1935     Sold
Little Belt Bridge

    CM72    1939     Sold
  San Francisco World Fair


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