Wedgwood American Sailing Ship Plates

In 1950, Wedgwood issued a set of twelve American Sailing Ship plates, brown transfer on a 10.5 inch Queensware (earthenware) plates. Various ships were chosen, representing ships from the American colonial era (18th century and before), the Clipper Ships(19th century), and racing sloops of the early 20th century.  Each plate has a border showing American Clipper Ships in various Ports of Call around the world, with a description of the featured ship on the back of the plate.  This first edition was commissioned by Shreve, Crump and Lowe of Boston (the leading Boston jewelry and gift store at the time), and proved to be immensely popular.  Additional editions and pieces in the set were issued over the years, including a series of twelve American Clipper Ship lunch plates (9 inch diameter), cups and saucers, a bowl, and a 12 inch charger.  Some of these items were also done in black and white rather than brown and white; some had a simple rope border rather than the elaborate "Ports of Call" border; and a few dinner plates were made in bone china rather than earthenware.

The artwork was by George C. Wales (1868-1940), a graduate of the MIT School of Architecture (the first such school in the US) and a noted marine artist. After college, he worked with the premier Boston architectural firm of Peabody and Stearns before founding his own company.  But it was his marine etchings and paintings that brought him to the attention of the world.  At least two biographies of George C, Wales are available, both focusing on his artwork.

All of the following plates are excellent condition (no chips, cracks, repairs, or other significant damage).  None have significant crazing, although all earthenware plates of this vintage are subject to minor grazing (a network of tiny cracks in the glaze itself, caused by differences in the rates of expansion and contraction of the glaze and the underlying plate, when they are warmed or cooled or exposed to direct sunlight.)  You can click on any picture to ENLARGE it.; then hit the BACK button to return to this page.)

This is a very popular series, and I am often sold out of one or more plates.  Please inquire about any in which you are interested, as I get others from time to time.

Wedgwood American Sailing Ship Plates 10.5"    

Description: C:\Users\Stan\Documents\Stan Tillotson\AOLPRESS\WW\AMERICA2.JPG

Description: C:\Users\Stan\Documents\Stan Tillotson\AOLPRESS\WW\COLUMBI2.JPG

Description: C:\Users\Stan\Documents\Stan Tillotson\AOLPRESS\WW\DONAMIG2.JPG

America - $50

Columbia - $50

Dos Amigos - $50

Description: C:\Users\Stan\Documents\Stan Tillotson\AOLPRESS\WW\PRESIDNT.JPG

Description: C:\Users\Stan\Documents\Stan Tillotson\AOLPRESS\WW\RANGER2.JPG

Description: C:\Users\Stan\Documents\Stan Tillotson\AOLPRESS\WW\RAVEN2.JPG

President - $50

Ranger - $50

Raven - $50

Description: C:\Users\Stan\Documents\Stan Tillotson\AOLPRESS\WW\ROUSSEA2.JPG

Description: C:\Users\Stan\Documents\Stan Tillotson\AOLPRESS\WW\SOMERS2.JPG

Description: C:\Users\Stan\Documents\Stan Tillotson\AOLPRESS\WW\UNION2.JPG

Rousseau - $50

Somers - $50

Union - $50

Others in the 10.5" series include the Mayflower (Sold), the Bethel ($50), and the Oakley C. Curtis ($50).

Wedgwood American Clipper Ship Plates 9"

Game Cock - $40

Red Jacket – $40

Stag Hound - $40

Witch of the Wave - $40

Other 9-inch lunch plates include:  Witchcraft, Ann McKim, Sovereign of the Seas, Challenge, N.B.Palmer, Flying Cloud, Nightingale, and Young America.  As of July, 2018 I have the complete set of 12 in stock, priced at $40 each or $400 for the set.  Extras also available.

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