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Blue Fluted, Half Lace

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Cake Plate (Discontinued) $150

$125 (Discontinued)

Royal Copenhagen has been manufacturing Blue Fluted Dinnerware continuously since 1779.  It is Royal Copenhagen's Pattern #1, and it the oldest pattern still in production anywhere in the world today. The "Fluted" part of the name refers to the surface of the pieces, which are molded to included a subtle "Fluting", almost as though woven from straw.  The Blue Immortelle pattern is then hand painted on top of this textured surface.  The pattern is available in Plain, Half Lace (as listed below), and Full Lace.  Both the Half Lace and the Full Lace have a Lace like pattern molded and painted into the edge of each piece.

Prior to 1990, each piece was had a "fractional" mark on the back; the top number was the pattern and the bottom number was the shape (item) number.  For example, 1/571 stands for pattern #1 (Blue Fluted), shape #571 (Half Lace 9.75 inch dinner plate).  In 1990, all dinnerware patterns were given new four-digit numbers, and each individual piece was assigned a new three-digit shape number.  Half Lace became pattern #1102, and a 9.75 inch dinner plate became shape #624.  So the traditional 9.75 inch Half Lace dinner plate became #1102624 (or 11032624).  Dinnerware pieces were marked with only the shape number (NOT the pattern number), so the new a 9.75 inch dinner plate would bear the number 624.

In 2014, Royal Copenhagen was acquired by Fisgars, a conglomerate from Finland that now also owns Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, and many other brands.  They have once again renumbered all of the Royal Copenhagen dinnerware, with all Blue Fluted variations (Full Lace, Half lace and Plain) becoming pattern #1017.  The shape number now tells you if the item is Full Lace, Half lace or Plain (as was the case prior to 1990, when all variations were Pattern #1).   The 9.75 inch “traditional” dinner plate has been discontinued, replaced with the 10.75 inch “buffet” dinner plate, new shape #225, which is now 1017225 (or 1017-225) in the new Fisgars numbering system.  In most cases, the shapes and decoration have remained the same; only the identifying inventory numbers on the back have changed.

Royal Copenhagen built a modern new plant in Thailand, and all new dinnerware (except Flora Danica) is made in Thailand.  All of the shapes and most of the marks remain the same, but the word DENMARK has been omitted from the backstamp.  If a piece does not say DENMARK on the back, it is either very old (before 1922) or very new (made in Thailand).

All items that I have in stock have the old (pre-1990) fractional marks and are therefore discontinued (bearing a discontinued mark).  All are second hand, but are all FIRST QUALITY and in EXCELLENT CONDITION.  And all are MADE IN DENMARK, as shown in the trademark on the back of each piece. 

Special Orders for NEW Dinnerware:  Royal Copenhagen now prohibits retailers (including myself) from advertising prices lower than the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).  If you are interested in NEW Royal Copenhagen dinnerware, please contact me for my best price.  I no longer stock any NEW Royal Copenhagen dinnerware.

Older #

Item Description


My Price



Cup/Saucer, Coffee

6 oz.




Cup/Saucer, Tea

7 oz.




Deep Dinner or Soup






5.75 oz.




Vegetable, Open Square





Platter, Oval





Cake Plate w/Handles





Pepper Castor (Shaker)





Salt Castor (Shaker)





Milk Jug

1 qt.




Compote, High Foot

5.5" H



Factory Seconds:  Each piece is inspected before leaving the factory.  Pieces that do not meet Royal Copenhagen's high standards are marked as "Second Quality" by putting a small vertical scratch through the three wavy line trademark.  Often, the reason for marking a piece Second Quality is not readily visible to the eye, and these "factory seconds" can represent excellent value.  They are very popular in Europe, where hand painted dinnerware is prized especially because of the variations in painting and glazing that many Americans see as "flaws".

I have a few pieces marked as Factory Seconds (with a scratch through the trademark) priced at least 25% below my normal discount price.  These include a Compote, High Foot #513 @ $150.  Please inquire.

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