Wedgwood produced a series of 6 engravings of FANTASY GALLEONS -- stylized drawings of Galleon style ships in full sail being tossed by the waves.  These engravings were then used to produce plates, using the "print and tint" method:  the outlines were transferred (printed) onto the plate (usually in black, sometimes in blue), and then they were  handpainted (tinted) in full color.  This was done on a number of different types of plates, with a number of different borders.  Most were done on Queensware (earthenware) plates; a few on bone china.  Some of the Queensware plates had reticulated (pierced) or shaped edges (not perfectly round).

Shown below are all six Galleons in a very rare treatment: Bone china, 10.5 inch diameter plates, Ferrara (bluebell) border, gold rim.  These are the only six such plates that I have ever seen (and I have bought and sold over 100 of various Fantasy Galleon plates, and looked at many more).  Price at $150 each, or $675 for the set of six (save 25% if you buy the set).  These would be fabulous on the wall of any office, nautical themed room, or home near the water.

From this same series of engravings, I also have in stock (photos to follow) one bone china plate with a powder blue background, and two earthenware plates with reticulated edges.

All of the plates below are in EXCELLENT CONDITION (no chips, cracks, repairs, or other significant damage).  None have significant or distracting crazing (tiny lines in the glaze itself), although it is difficult to find earthenware plates over 50 years old that don't have a little crazing somewhere.

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Wedgwood  Bone China FANTASY GALLEON Plates 10.5"    $150 Each

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