Royal Copenhagen Rundskuedag Vases

Rundskuedag is a Danish folk holiday during which everyone does things backwards or upside down.  I have heard it translated as "Upside Down Day" but I often think of it as "Skewed 'Round Day" (a transliteration of Rund-skue-dag).  Typically, bosses join the workers and one of the workers becomes the boss, and everybody has a good time doing things differently for one day of the year.  Street entertainment is prevalent, and special events and sales are held to raise money for charity.  Royal Copenhagen issued this series of vases as souvenirs of the day, with the proceeds going to charity.  (Anyone with Danish ancestry who would like to expand or correct this description, please contact me!)

The first Rundskuedagen vase was produced in 1910, and  they continued every year through at least 1942. They were made in many shapes and sizes, often with a scene of a Copenhagen landmark on the vase, and always with the inscription RUNDSKUEDAG  (or RUNDSKUEDAGEN) and the date.  The designs are first molded into vase, and then handpainted, mostly in cobalt blue, in the same manner as Christmas plates.  Some years are highlighted with additional colors.

All vases listed here are FIRST QUALITY (no scratch through the trademark) and in EXCELLENT CONDITION (no chips, cracks, or repairs).  However, like many of the low-cost souvenir items produced by Royal Copenhagen during this period, there may be an ocasional  black speck (cinder) or other minor defect.  Like the Christmas plates, these were not prestige items at the time, and were not held to the same rigorous standards as their top of the line dinnerware, figurines, or artware.

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As of January 2010, I have only 3 in stock: 1912. 1920 (marked 1910 - 1920; to indicate the tenth year in the series?) and 1933.  These Rundskuedagen vases come and go; please inquire if interested.

Royal Copenhagen RUNDSKUEDAGEN Vases
1912                      $75
1915                        Sold
1916                        Sold
1917                        Sold
1918                      Sold
1919                      Sold
1920    (Jubilee?)     $75
1921                     Sold
1922                     Sold
1923                          Sold
1924                        Sold
1925                        Sold
1926                       Sold
1927                       Sold
1928                       Sold
1929                        Sold
1930                        Sold
1931                         Sold
1932                       Sold
1933                          $50
1934                       Sold
1935                         Sold
1936                       Sold
1937                        Sold
1938                       Sold
1939                       Sold
1940                      Sold
1941                        Sold

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