Christmas Plates by Rorstrand

Since 1895, when B&G issued the first Christmas plates, numerous other porcelain manufacturers have followed their lead and introduced Christmas Plate series of their own.  Rorstrand (located in Sweden) issued some Christmas plates in the 1910s and 1920s; I am always interested in buying plates from that era.  Rorstrand’s popular square blue Christmas plates began in 1968 and continued at least through 2000 – I seldom see the later years.  I do not attempt to keep these entire series in stock, but I sometimes acquire them as part of a large collection of plates.  If you have particular wants from any of these (or other) series, please let me know; I will keep them on file until such time as I find what you are seeking.  

All the following plates are in EXCELLENT CONDITION and FRIST QUALITY. If the plate name appears in Blue, you can click on the name to see a photo.


Rorstrand Christmas Plates

My Price


Bringing Home the Tree



Fisherman Sailing Home



Nils with his Geese



Nils in Lapland



Dalecarlian Fiddler



Nils in Varmland



Nils in Gothenborg



Nils in Kvikkjokk



Nils in Medelpad


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