Royal Copenhagen Viking Plates

Royal Copenhagen Viking plates, commissioned by DAK of Roskilde, Denmark.  Just over 7 inch (18 cm) diameter, dark blue transfer design on light blue background.  DAK is a Danish producer of canned meats (such as canned hams), which have also been distributed in the US.  

Any additional information would be appreciated!  These are MOSTLY sold, but I still have a few available, first quality, mint condition, priced at $35 each.  Click on any photo to see a larger image.  Hit the BACK button to return to this page.

1973 Viking Standing

at Prow of Viking Ship

1974 The Bond Fire:

Viking Roasting Meat

1975 Restored Viking

Ship, Roskilde Museum

1976  Original Routes

of Early Vikings (Map)

1977  Early Viking

Farm & Fortress

1978 Sounding the Lur

(Viking Instrument)

1979 Round Barrow


1980  Jellinge Stone

with Runic Inscription

1923 $75

1981  Holger Danske

at Kronborg Castle

1982  Legend of Rolf

Krake Daring the Fire

1983 Building the Frontier

Rampart "Dannevirke"

1984  Danish King

Svend Tveskaeg

No Photo:


1985   Erik the Red

(Please send photo!)

1986  Treasure Trove

Paid to King Tveskaeg

1987  Prince Friedlev

Slaying the Dragon

1988  King Frode –

The Peacemaker

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