Royal Copenhagen Figurine Series:


The Elements of Love

1249-403  Passion  15.5 cm (6.25")

EMOTIONS is a series of figurines illustrating four elements of a love affair: Joy, Passion, Tenderness and Longing.  They were created by artist Andy Li in a beautiful, clear and almost economical style that is underlined by the white bisque porcelain without either glaze or painted decoration.

First produced in 2006, there were available to US Distributors by special order only, and were discontinued in 2008.  I ordered several sets when they were available, but now have only LONGING in stock; Royal Copenhagen is sold out of the entire series, and no more will be produced.  These are large figurines: LONGING is nearly 10 inches tall (25 cm).  MSRP (List Price) was $195 for each figurine; I sell LONGING at nearly a 50% discount = $100 each (2 in stock).  Click on any photo for a larger view; use the BACK button to return to this page.




    1249-404  27.5 cm (11")    

1249-405  25 cm (10")

1249-406  27.5 cm (11")

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