Sets of Four Plates by GORHAM FINE CHINA

Norman Rockwell, "America's Best Loved Artist", painted many series of illustrations portraying the Four Seasons.  Each series showed a person (or two people) engaged in activities appropriate to the various seasons of the year.  Some of these series were created as front cover illustrations for the Saturday Evening Post; others were done as calendar art.  Cover illustrations and calendar art are two of the many areas in which Norman Rockwell excelled.

In 1971, Gorham produced its first set of Four Seaons plates featuring the artwork of Norman Rockwell. Each plate is 10.5 inches in diameter (8.5 inches, for all series AFTER 1980), banded with gold, and features a high quality, full color rendition of one of the Four Seasons in the series,  Although origianlly sold only as full sets of four, the plates do not have a date or other inscription on the front, and can be displayed in groups of almost any size.  In consequence, many of the "sets" have been broken up, and I have most of the plates priced individually as well as by the set.  

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1971: A Boy & His Dog

1972: Young Love

1974: Grandpa and Me


1975: Me and My Pals

1979: A Helping Hand

1980: Dad's Boy

In addition, I have a few single plates from other years in this series.  Click on any picture to see a larger view; use the BACK button to return to this page.

1978: The Tender Years

1978: The Tender Years

Summer       Cool Aid         $20

Fall      Chilly Reception       $20

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