Bing & Grondahl Christmas Jubilee & Centennial Plates

The 1895 Bing & Grondahl Christmas Plate is usually considered to be the world's first true Collector Plate. In 1915, to honor the first 20 years of Christmas plates, B&G issued their first Jubilee plate, and have continued to issue a Jubilee plate every five years since then.  In each case, they have taken the motif from a popular prior year's Christmas plate and reissued it in a larger 9 inch size with the date of the first plate (1895) and the issue date of the Jubilee.   The issue price for the 2005 plate was $125.

In 1995, to celebrate the 100 years of Christmas plates, B&G issued a number of limited edition CENTENNIAL pieces, some of which are also listed at the bottom of this page.  

All plates on this page are FIRST QUALITY and in EXCELLENT CONDITION (no chips, cracks, repairs, or other damage).  

In the table below, the first date is the year that the Jubilee plate was issued, and the middle date in parentheses ( ) is the year of the original Christmas plate from which the motif wasFor example, the first photo is the 1915 Jubilee plate (issued in 1915), which features the motif taken from the 1895 Christmas plate, and which I now sell for $95.

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1915    (1895)    $95
The Frozen Window

1920    (1900)    $35
Church Bells

1925    (1915)    $75
Dog outside Window

1930    (1910)    $75
The Old Organist

1935    (1907)    $175
Little Match Girl

1940    (1901)   Sold
Three Wise Men

1945    (1936)    $75
Royal Guard

1950    (1928)   Sold
Greenland Eskimos

1955    (1947)   Sold
Dybbol Mill

1960    (1950)    $45
Kronborg Castle

1965    (1926)    $15
Church Goers

1970    (1914)    $8
Amalienborg Castle

1975    (1941)   $18
Horses Enjoying Meal

1980    (1909)    $18
Happiness / Yule Tree

1985    (1932)    $18
Lifeboat at Work

1990    (1953)    $39
The Royal Yacht

1995    (1966)    $35
Home for Christmas

2000   (1922)    $35
Star of Bethlehem

2005    (1956)    Sold
Christmas in Copenhagen

1995 Cent. Vase Sold
The Frozen Window


Centennial Christmas Issue 1895 - 1995



Issue Price

My Price


Cent. Platter  LE 1500




Cent. Vase  LE 1500




Cent. Plate "Behind/Window"




Anniv.Plate "Dawn/Copenh'n"



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