Royal Copenhagen Aluminia

Faience Christmas Plates

Royal Copenhagen designated its faience (earthenware) products as Aluminia, and used a separate trademark for them -- a large "A" with the crossbar of the "A" replaced with the three wavey lines of Royal Copenhagen.  From 1904 through 1930, Aluminia issued Christmas plates in two sizes -- the small size being slightly over 7 inches in diameter, and the large size being nearly 13 inches in diameter.  The large Aluminia Christmas plates for 1904, 1905 and 1908 were not round -- they were more arch shaped:  round on top and square on the bottom.  The small plates have the designs incised into the surface; the large plates are molded in very high relief, with a strong sculptural feel to them.  All were hand-painted in brilliant colors.  

All of the following plates are the large size, nearly 13 inches in diameter, molded in high relief, and hand-painted.  Because they are faience (earthenware), they are much easier to chip, and many show some age lines or crazing (a network of tiny cracks in the glaze itself, caused by differences in the rates of expansion and contraction of the glaze and the underlying plate, when they are warmed or cooled or exposed to direct sunlight).  Almost all earthenware plates of this vintage are subject to minor crazing ; major crazing is noted in the descriptions below.  You can click on any picture to ENLARGE it.; then hit the BACK button to return to this page.)

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Royal Copenhagen Aluminia (Faience) Christmas Plates

JUL or JULEN is the Danish word for "Chistmas".  Some plates were made with inscriptions in languages other than Danish.  The last plate show above is the 1917 plate with the German word for Christmas: WEIHNACHTEN.

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