International Shipping Information

I am happy to ship to addresses outside of the United States.  I charge actual shipping and insurance costs. You can obtain rate information directly from the United States Postal Service (USPS) International Rate Calculator (IRC) site.   Go to:      or click on:

USPS Rate Calculator

Weight:  You can estimate the shipping weight of your order by figuring one pound for the outer box and packing materials plus one pound for each Royal Copenhagen or B&G Christmas or Mother's Day plate; 1.5 pounds for each Hummel, Doulton or Wedgwood plate; 4 pounds for each book.  For example, one Royal Copenhagen Christmas plate will have a shipping weight of two pounds.  When I have your order, I will assemble and weigh the items to obtain the actual shipping weight to determine actual shipping costs.

Priority Mail (formerly Air Parcel Post) - The is now the standard Post Office service for packages, usually 6 to 10 business days.  Insurance is extra; see below.  I ship MOST items Priority Mail.  

Express Mail - The fastest service, usually 3 to 5 business days.  Rates include $100 of insurance coverage. More expensive than Priority (Air) Mail, but sometimes the difference is small (under $10).

First Class Mail International (formerly Air Letter Post) - Available for packages weighting less than 4 pounds.  Insurance and tracking are not available; you will have to assume all risks of damage or loss. Cheaper and sometimes faster than Prioirty Mail, but the US Postal Service usually won't give an estimated delivery date.  Not recommended, and I will not use First Class Mail  for shipping to some countries.

Surface Mail has been discontinued for International packages.

To repeat:  I ship MOST items PRIORITY MAIL with full insurance.  

Insurance:  Insurance is required for all shipments. PayPal and most credit card companies hold the SELLER responsible in the event of loss or damage in transit.  And I sleep better, knowing its insured.

Customs:  I have to fill out a customs declaration for each international shipment.  Import duties and VAT vary greatly depending on the country and the individual inspector; and the rules and tax rates are constantly changing.  Often, I can't predict how your purchase will be handled by local customs inspectors.   Import duties and VAT are your responsibility, but I will try to follow any specific instructions you may have, and to include any wording (such as "used" or "second-hand") that you suggest.  

Shipping times: The  USPS-IRC site provides estimates of shipping times, but there can be wide variations.  Weekend and holidays (especially in December) can slow down deliveries.  If you mail me payment for your purchases, it may take as much as two weeks for me to receive your payment; PayPal is a much faster payment method.  Since I have to pack, document, and deliver all international shipments to the Post Office, there may be a delay of several days between the time payment is received and your order is shipped.  Please be patient, but feel free to email inquiries about the status of your order.

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