Bing & Grondahl Octagonal City Plates<

Produced by B&G in 1933 and 1934, designed by Ove Larsen, approximately 7.7 inches square (19 cm), hand-painted on porcelain with the design molded in relief (like the Christmas plates).  The first series, issued in August 1933, shows cities of the world, with the first letter of the city at the bottom of the scene. There are at least 24 such plates, one for each letter of the alphabet (missing Q and X).  A second series was issued in April 1934, featuring famous landmarks in and around Copenhagen, all WITHOUT a letter at the bottom.  I know of  5 in this series, all pictured below; there were probably 8 or 12.  

You can click on any picture to ENLARGE it.   Then hit the BACK button to return to this page.  I am interested in purchasing (or at least getting pictures) of any plate in this series not shown here.  The plates pictured below are mostly factory seconds (scratch through trademark) and are not for sale.

Bing & Grondahl Octagonal City Plates

C = Cairo

D = Dresden

E = Essen

F = Frankfurt

G = Geneva

H = Hamburg

I = Innsbruck

L = London

M = Munich

P = Paris

S = Stockholm

T = Toledo

Z = Zurich

Copenhagen Borsen

Copenhagen Town Hall

            Ermitage Palace           

        Frederiksborg Castle        

   Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

Other Cities in the Series include:  A = Amsterdam, B = Berlin, J = Jerusalem, K = København (Copenhagen), N = Naples, O = Oslo, R=Rome, U = Utrecht, V = Venice, W = Wien (Vienna) and Y = Yokohama.  Additional information or photos would be appreciated.

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